Common Seminar: Colour and Light in Design

Date and time
26 May 2021 at 01:00 PM - 03:00 PM
Type of event
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Welcome to the forthcoming Konstfack Common Seminar with Johanna Enger, Johannes Lindén and Bodil Karlsson!

The seminar will be about our experience of light and colour, and the process that starts when light radiation hits the retina of the eye and is transformed into the experience of light and colour, but also space and time. Certain aspects of what we experience can be conveyed through the spoken language. Language can even be a prerequisite for us to be able to pay attention to details and nuances, which is illustrated with examples from the project Perceptual Metrics for Lighting Design.

Johanna Enger is a lighting designer, lecturer, and head at the Perception studio at Konstfack, where she holds courses in the combined knowledge field of light, colour and visual perception. She is also a researcher and project manager for the research project Perceptual Metrics for Lighting Design in which she together with researcher from RISE, Kristianstad University and the lighting industry develops methods, definitions and measures for perceived light quality.

Johannes Lindén holds a PhD in physics and is currently at the Division of Ergonomics & Aerosol Technology, Lund University. Johannes’ research focuses on light measurement, mainly on colour and flicker from light sources. Flicker, or temporal light modulation (TLM), has reappeared as a problem with the advent of LED technology. This requires development of new measures and standards. Johannes has experience in setting-up light measurement laboratories and in teaching photometry and colorimetry.

Bodil Karlsson's research concerns the human mind in relation to its surrounding physical environment, e.g., the human experience and perception of color, sound, light or smell in the built environment / nature and emotions that come from it. She is also interested in how people's feelings, behaviors and everyday decisions affect the surrounding physical environment. Ongoing work 2020-2021: Cozy firemaking in Sweden, Color perception of color illusions, Experience of light, Future work environments, Energy sharing.


Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design