Fluent in Fiber - an exhibition about coming together in times of social distancing

Date and time
8 August 2020 at 01:00 PM - 30 August 2020 at 04:00 PM
Type of event
Place and route

Biocafé Tellus
Vattenledningsvägen 46

Josefin Gäfvert, Karen Modrei, Sara Kallioinen Lundgren, Hannah Molly Brown, Sofia Bahlner and Lea Constan of the Master’s CRAFT! Textile programme are displaying works at the Biocafé Tellus in Midsommarkransen.

Our work speaks of the female experience through the lens of a diversity of cultural and socioeconomic realities. What do they share, and in which way is each unique? Can we conceptualize ways to lift each other through this diversity? We invite you to come take a look, so that you can decide for yourself.

Vernissage: 8 August, at 13:00-16:00

This summer, the textiles will be close to the only visitors in this historical locale, as the summer activities usually related to this artist-run venue are mostly at a standstill because of COVID-19.

Lea Constanlea.constan@student.konstfack.se 0724203286

Master's programme in CRAFT - Textiles