Unpredictable Flesh

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5 November 2019 at 06:00 PM - 16 November 2019 at 05:00 PM
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Lövholmsbrinken 1

Unpredictable Flesh - Novel digital crafting, material research and encounters in interactive architecture

In November, Färgfabriken hosts an exhibition into the making of flesh – as a replacement for the term “skin,” often overused in architecture. Here, flesh implies thickness. It is explored in pliable casts and moulds made from silicone that engage the visitor and provoke a response. The exhibited interactive pieces, hybrid artefacts, graphic animations and tactile samples have been developed through the encounter between mechanical and human, precision and imprecision. What appears to be a highly predictable process in the digital realm, is in fact the result of fluid artistic investigation: architect and researcher Malgorzata Zboinska and her interdisciplinary team have extended the field of computational innovation by introducing imprecision, unpredictability, craft and co-creation with the machines into their research.

Hence, the artefacts on display arise from collaborative making and generate an alternative perspective on what contemporary digital architecture could become. Collectively, these works seek to embody a wider understanding of architectural flesh. They speculate on the kind of digitalized environments that could emerge in the future and push the realm of digital architecture by including artistic and corporeal conditions. In so doing, they invite us to reflect on the future dialogue between craftsmanship and digital design in a way that also embraces their relationship with nature.

Curated by: Anna Maria Orrù (Senior Lecturer at Konstfack)

Anna Maria OrrùProtected address 0720 162 162

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5 November – opening 18:00-21:00

6 November – opportunity to meet the artist responsible and have a tour.

13 November – Konstfack MA2 ID students coming for a morning session with curator at museum

More events to be added.

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