SVART SOL - Nikki Fager Myrholm MFA exhibition

Date and time
February 7, 2019, at 05:00 PM - February 16, 2019, at 06:00 PM
Type of event
Place and route

Trapphusgalleriet 1
LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Look at a map)
Underground station: Telefonplan (Timetables at SL)

Every Saturday I go to the cemetery

and lay candy on the grave stones.

(While supplies last)

All is still something yet to come.

One day I'll instead pour beer in the grass.

Svart Sol is an exhibition about mourning. Through the combination of repeated symbols and religious attributes, the home and the private, it refers to both cultural rituals and those we create for ourselves.

Nikki Fager MyrholmProtected address 0735732311

Department of Fine Art

Updated: 31 January 2019