Open Lecture: Sidsel Meineche Hansen, PHARMACOPORNOGRAPHER

Date and time
March 21, 2018, at 05:00 PM - 06:30 PM
Type of event
Place and route

LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Look at a map)
Underground station: Telefonplan (Timetables at SL)

Welcome to a talk by artist Sidsel Meineche Hansen. The talk will focus on the female avatar "EVA v3.0" which is a product sold online by TurboSquid, a company that supplies stock 3D models for medical animations and virtual adult entertainment among other industries.

The EVA v3.0 avatar is the main protagonist in Meineche Hansenthe’s recent work: The CGI and VR animations: Seroquel®, 2014; No right way 2 cum, 2015 and DICKGIRL 3D(X), (2016) – and an object of her research on post-human sex.

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Department of Fine Art

Updated: 12 March 2018