Higher Seminar: Nikolaus Gansterer

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April 18, 2018, at 01:00 PM - 04:00 PM
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LM Ericssons väg 14, Stockholm (Look at a map)
Underground station: Telefonplan (Timetables at SL)

CrossSections Project and A Case Discussion with Nikolaus Gansterer: How to do things with lines and what do lines do with you? Drawing between the lines of connection, lines of distinction, lines of deviation.

CrossSections is a cross disciplinary research platform contemplating on artistic research, dialogues, and production. The project reflects on "process" in the form of an open format with the aim to articulate critical reactions to the political, economic, and social disturbances facing us today. The project emerged from the need to challenge the ‘status quo’ across the political spectrum and support effective and critical forms of discursive and artistic productions to emerge. In the course of two years (2017-2019), the project is expected to engage with a number of artists, scholars and cultural workers, producing a varied forms of meetings, residencies, workshops, exhibitions, performances, and talks designed to be held in four cities: Vienna, Helsinki, Tallinn and Stockholm.

In this session, Basak Senova, the curator of the project will first introduce and briefly talk about the research strains and the structure of the project. Then, she will have a discussion with Nikolaus Gansterer, one of the participating artists of the project, by navigating through his practice. The discussion will focus on the links between drawing, thinking and action, accordingly, Gansterer will give insight in recent research and exhibition projects and his understanding of the notion of expanded drawing.

Gansterer’s practice is grounded in a trans-medial approach, underpinned by conceptual discourse in the context of performative visualisation and cartographic representations. In form of installations and performances he traces the translatability of phenomena of perception into an artistic environment. Gansterer understands the processes of thinking and drawing as analogous. He is thus concerned with the fundamental question of how to translate processes of thought, and explores how the act of drawing can become a tool of communication. To approach the materiality of perception Gansterer applies a unique performative grammar, in which the artist’s flow of observations in relation to his environment manifest as captivating live drawings, diagrams and arrangements. He questions how these situative constructions of meaning could be expanded towards a radical autopoiesis or even sympoiesis: where a line of thought becomes a line on paper, turns into a line in space, and then again a line articulated with the whole body or transforms into an object. In these trans-medial works, he focuses on mapping ephemeral and emergent processes unfolding their immanent structures of interconnectedness, questioning the imaginary threshold between nature and culture, art and philosophy.

Nikolaus Gansterer is an artist and co-founder of the Institute for Transacoustic Research. He currently is guest professor at the University of Applied Art in Vienna.

Basak Senova (TR) is a curator and designer. Currently she is based in Vienna working on CrossSections project in Vienna, Helsinki, and Stockholm.

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Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design

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