Open resorces spring 2020

Many academic publishers are temporalily making material available that is usually hidden behind paywalls.

During the global virus epidemic publishers around the world have made articles and books within medicine freely available, especially research on the corona virus. Many have also chosen to lift restrictions on e-books and journals within other subjects, to make it easier for institutions to support remote learning. Here you find a selection that we think could be of interest to many of Konstfack’s students and researchers.

These resources are completely free and do not require a Konstfack login. Some of them require you to register.

Some of the databases and journal packages that we already pay for have extended the number of titles that we have access to, so that if you, for example, search JSTOR through Konstfack you will have access to content which would normally be locked.


Project MUSE

At the moment several academic publishers offer free access through Project MUSE, including, for example, e-books from MIT press.

Swedish newspapers

The National Library of Sweden have opened up their resource Svenska dagstidningar for a limited period of time. There you can search the contents of 800 Swedish daily newspapers from 1645 up until today. Normally contents after 1904 is not available from home, but during a month, starting from 8 April 2020, the entire database is freely available.

Sage knowledge

Books and other reference material within the social sciences have been made freely available for a limited time by Sage knowledge.

National Emergency Library (

Thousands of e-books have temporarily been made freely available through the National Emergency Library. The collection contains scanned books from all over the world, but mainly from the United States.


Open Access

Apart from theses resources offering temporary access to academic articles and books, there are a great number of journals and e-books published under an Open Access-license, and thus always freely available. You will find many of the free journals through the resource DOAJ.

DOAJ – Directory of Open Access Jouarnals