Why use movies?

You as a teacher can get help to get started if you want to use movies and sounds in your teaching. It can be about filming a workshop or making a short web lecture to show to your students before you meet in a group.

The flipped classroom
An example of such an approach is when the teacher asks the students to watch a video lecture in good time before a classroom meeting. When teachers and students meet physically, time is spent discussing the lecture. It has several advantages: the student has time to process the material and prepare for the physical meeting, which can lead to better use of time together. A pre-understanding of concepts makes the conversation more rewarding. The student can also choose when to attend the lecture, doctoral period or cold does not become an argument for the student to miss the lecture.

Benefits for students with functional variations
For students with ADHD, for example, it can be a great help to listen and look calmly, without disturbing elements, to be able to repeat and pause.

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