Information for non-graduating students, spring 2020

To you, non-graduating student, who wishes to use the library

Your loans

You are free to keep your books until we open again, even if there is a reservation. Currently we are not sending out reminders for books due to be returned. If you still wish to renew your loans, you can do so here:

We have temporarily removed the overdue fines for course literature


Take-away books

If you need to borrow a specific book: write or call the library at 08-450 41 24 to arrange for pick-up at the school’s front desk.

Our telephone hours are 10.00-12.00 on weekdays.


You can access books and journals without coming to the library

The library offers access to approx. 150,000 e-books through our e-book platform.

The library also gives you access to more than 5000 different electronic journals online. You will find a video tutorial for using the electronic journals at


Search tutorial

Do you need help with finding literature for your degree project/essay? You might need some guidance searching the library databases to find articles or images within your subject. Book a live search tutorial with a librarian using a video conferencing tool:


Study support workshop

Do you need help getting started on a writing assignment? Do you struggle with structuring your thoughts in writing? Or do you just want a pair of extra eyes to read your assignment before you hand it in? Book a live support workshop using a video conferencing tool: