The Zickerman collection

Lilli Zickerman

Lilli Zickerman, initiator of the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design, travelled around the Swedish countryside between 1914 and 1931 to inventory Swedish peasant textiles. A large number of textile items were photographed using a large format camera.

The Zickerman Picture Collection at Konstfack consists of 14,000 images in 133 boxes, ordered according to technique, which each contain some hundred partly coloured photographs of peasant textiles from all over the country. The original collection can be found at the Nordiska Museet, and it consists of 24,000 photographic plates. A selection was copied and deposited at Konstfack in 1945, where it has provided knowledge of a rich, Swedish peasant textile tradition. All of the images have been carefully catalogued and labelled with data on technique, material, measurements and thread count in the warp, as well as the name, address, province, county and parish of its owner.

The collection is located one floor down in the library and is accessible to the public.


The Zickerman Collection online

The Zickerman collection has been digitized by Hemslöjden (The National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies) and is available online.

>> The Zickerman Collection (Hemslöjden)

Updated: 24 April 2014