Academic year 2017-18

Individual Study Plan in Design (DIS)
Master´s programme in Design
Advanced level

Class: DIS - M1
Course code: MDE102
Course: Introduction and broadening of perspective, 30 credits
Autumn term 2017

Code: IP10
Course module: Orientations - Orientations_IP10.pdf
Credits: 12 cr

Code: IP11
Course module: Explorations 1- Explorations 1_IP11.pdf
Credits: 12 cr

Code: IP12
Course module: Explorations 2 -
Credits: 6 cr

Class: DIS - M1
Course code: MDE103
Course: In-depth studies in the subject and the environment, 30 credits
Spring term 2018

Code: IP13
Course module: Re-orientations - Re-orientations_IP13.pdf
Credits: 5 cr

Code: IP14
Course module: Explorations 3 - Explorations 3 IP14_Outlooks IP15.pdf
Credits: 16 cr

Code: IP15
Course module: Outlooks - Explorations 3 IP14_Outlooks IP15.pdf
Credits: 9 cr

Class: DIS - M2
Course code: MDE205
Course: In-depth reflection, 15 credits 
Autumn term 2017

Code: IP20
Course module: In-depth reflection - In-Depth Reflection_IP20.pdf
Credits: 15 cr

Class DIS - M2
Course code: MDE206
Course: Degree project in Design, 33 credits
Autumn term 2017

Code: IP21
Course module: Degree projecy, part 1-
Credits: 15 cr 

The course description is valid for part 1+2 of the degree project and also for MDE207 Summary and projection 12 credits:

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Updated: 13 September 2017
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