Higher seminars autumn 2017

The higher seminar series provides a platform for a continuous exchange on matters pertaining to research conducted at Konstfack. Senior researchers, faculty, practitioners, doctoral candidates and students from both Konstfack and other institutions take part. The higher seminar series is open to the public.

8 September 13.30-16  
Emanuel Almborg

16 oktober, 10-12
Session 1, 10-12: Katji Lindberg.
Session 2, 13.30-16: Lena Séraphim

10 november, 14-17
"On Revolutionary Love as a Possible Commonality." Dora García.

27 november, 10-12
Anna Lundh.

11 december, 10-16
Session 1, 10-12: Behzad Khosravi Noori.
Session 2, 13.30-16: T J Demos

Updated: 6 March 2017
Author: Olga Karlsson