Doctoral students for the doctoral programme in Art, Technology and Design

Form of employment: Fixed-term appointment in accordance with the provisions for employment as a doctoral student in the Higher Education Ordinance (~4 years for full-time studies).
Scope: Full-time/part-time. 80–100 %
Type of salary: In accordance with Konstfack's agreement for doctoral salaries
Number of positions: approx. 2
Start date: In accordance with agreement

Reference number: KF2016/VO2P/73

Final date for applications: 25 August 2016, at 16:00 CEST
Applications are closed

The doctoral programme Art, Technology and Design (KTD) is a collaboration between KTH and Konstfack. The programme has its basis in the major contemporary challenges faced by society – for example climate change, urbanisation processes, migration, increasing social and economic inequality and the dwindling supply of non-renewable resources. These challenges require new approaches and a holistic, process-oriented way of thinking. The overall objective is to unite research and education with a radical rethinking of the individual-society-environment relationship and the transition required for sustainable social development. Artistic exploration and experimentation is seen here as a central component of this development.

We are particularly looking for those with a background in socially conscious design, craft or art, who are willing to connect the practices of making with advanced theoretical and methodological perspectives. Konstfack's generously equipped workshops provide unique opportunities to develop knowledge through action and materials. The studies are based on the programme's courses and seminars, as well as on the student's individual research project. We are looking for well-qualified and strongly motivated doctoral students who want to contribute to the development of new knowledge. This is where we can shape dynamic encounters between artistic and scientific approaches and between three different perspectives: art, technology and design.  

Doctoral studies within the doctoral programme KTD are fundamentally interdisciplinary thanks to their focus on encounters between perspectives and tangible materialisation. As a doctoral student you formulate your own research project that you will conduct in parallel with your studies (courses, seminars and workshops). The research project is supported by the resources of both KTH and Konstfack and will be based on a critical analytical approach that can be applied, in terms of research, to material, artistic and performative experiments, as well as in discursive investigations.

The programme offers plentiful opportunity for collaboration with researchers and doctoral students within closely related fields and environments. For collaborations with external partners within, for example, the cultural sector, enterprise sector or public sector, Konstfack and KTH's shared centre of excellence is available as a resource. Parts of the doctoral programme can be conducted in institutions and research centres abroad in order to deepen the innovative, critical and global perspectives of your work.

A limited part of working hours, max. 20 per cent, may consist of departmental service in the form of teaching, for example. Only those that have been admitted to doctoral studies can be offered employment. 

Entry requirements
Those qualified to be admitted as doctoral students are those who have

  1. Been awarded advanced / second cycle / master qualification (i.e. master degree), or
  2. Completed course requirements of at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits of second-cycle studies within a relevant educational area.
  3. Within or outside the country obtained the equivalent knowledge in another manner.

Applicants that do not fulfil the general entry requirements may cite “prior learning”. That is, an assessment of knowledge, skills and abilities that have been obtained through work, education or other activities. A request for validation of prior learning shall be submitted as a special appendix including cited certificates and portfolio.

Applicants should have an educational background with an artistic specialisation (for example a one or two year master's degree from a design, crafts, free artistic programme or equivalent). Experience from external knowledge- or socially specialised organisations or institutions are considered a merit. Experience of working both independently and in groups as well as the ability to express oneself freely in both verbal and written English is central. Knowledge of Swedish in not necessary, but makes it easier for the applicant to benefit from the programme. The applicants shall be strongly motivated to conduct research studies, have a significant creative driving force and ability to analyse critically.

The workplace
As a doctoral student in the programme Art, Technology and Design, you are offered a unique opportunity to work in a intercultural research and educational environment at two leading Swedish higher education institutions. Your daily activities will be conducted at Konstfack. You will also have access to KTH's advanced laboratories and research environments. Konstfack is Sweden's largest university college of fine, applied and performing arts with about 200 employees and close to 1,000 students in first and second-cycle studies. The university college conducts research within the focus areas Design-driven Knowledge Production, Material Cultures, Narrative Processes and Visual Cultures and Learning. ( Konstfack's exhibition premises, specialised material workshops and library with a focus on art, crafts, design and visual arts education constitutes a unified high-quality resource that is unique in Sweden.

For questions concerning the programme, please contact programme coordinator Johanna Rosenqvist Protected address or Head of the Education and Research Administration Department, Magnus Mörck Protected address. Union representatives can be reached via Konstfack's switchboard at + 46 8 450 41 00

Final date for applications: 25 August 2016; at 16:00 CEST.
Interviews will be held in October/November.
Apply via:

The application labelled KF2016/VO2P/73 must contain:

• A personal letter (max. 1 A4) that states your motivation for doctoral studies within the field. (to be attached as one PDF file).

• Project description (max. 1,500 words). The description shall contain an account of the questions the project intends to answer, as well as planned approaches and methods including time schedule and any collaboration partners. You shall also explain how the project relates to the field of art, technology and design. The project shall be linked to one of Konstfack's four research areas, please state which one. (see: (to be attached as one PDF file).

• Portfolio (max. five samples) that are relevant to the proposed project. Images, audio files or video clips shall be uploaded at the same time as the application in the formats (e.g. films: MOV, MP4, (MPEG4), AVI. JPEG for images and MP3 for audio files). 

• CV as well as name and contact details of two references. (to be attached as one PDF file).

• Qualifications. Academic qualifications such as degree certificate, transcript of academic record, work certificate etc. (copies shall be officially certified)
(to be attached as a maximum of 10 PDF files).

The maximum size for the application, including portfolio, is 500 MB. 

Grounds for assessment 
• The artistic and academic quality of the proposed project
­– its relevance in relation to the objectives of the programme.
– its potential to contribute to the development of knowledge, methods and forms of production.
– its connection to one of Konstfack's four research areas.

• The applicant's experience of intercultural and interdisciplinary work (between disciplines, geographical locations and working environments), as well as their ability
– to reflect critically and independently on their work in the context of a broader social perspective.
– to express themselves verbally and in writing.
– to conduct projects within given time frames.


Programme Coordinator
Johanna Rosenqvist
Protected address

Head of the Education and Research Administration Department
Magnus Mörck
Protected address

Union representatives can be reached via Konstfack's switchboard:
+ 46 8 450 41 00

Reference numbe
r: KF2016/VO2P/73

Final date for applications

25 August 2016, at 16:00 CEST
Applications are closed

Read more about the programme here.

Updated: 28 September 2016