Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design

Art, Technology and Design is the joint doctoral programme of Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Lola Mijouin, Bulleruppfattare/ Noise Perceiver, 2019

Description of the subject area
The Art, Technology and Design third-cycle subject area includes research in an emerging research domain formed in dynamic meetings between artistic and scientific approaches as well as between three different perspectives – art, technology and design. The subject is managed and developed within the framework of the Art, Technology and Design doctoral programme at KTH. Via a collaboration between KTH and Konstfack, the programme offers a new arena for meetings between different knowledge cultures and methods of research, innovation and production in art, technology and design.

The programme’s overall objective is to unite research and education around sustainable societal development (and the readjustment such development requires) via a radical rethinking of the individual-society-environment relationship. By challenging conventions in established areas of knowledge, by working transdisciplinarily and by uniting implementation practices with advanced epistemological and methodological perspectives, research and education in the programme shall contribute a strong innovativeness.

Owing to its focus on “meetings of perspectives” and concrete manifestation, the research domain is basically interdisciplinary. Research projects in the subject are based on a critically analytic approach that, as regards research, is applied to material and performative experiments as well as to discursive investigations. Through collaborations with external agents (e.g. in commerce, culture, public operations and politics), projects have high transdisciplinary potential.

Programme Description and Study Plan of Doctoral Programme Art, Technology and Design.pdf

Syllabus in English will be published once it's been approved.

Applying to the programme
Konstfack's PhD programme is open for applicants once a year, at the most. Next time the programme opens up this will be announced on the Vacancies page on Konstfack's website. If you are interested in applying, please either visit the Vacancies page regularly, or subscribe to all vacancies at Konstfack (there is a button for this on the Vacancies page). Vacancies page: When the announcement is made, there will also be information available on who is eligible, what to submit etc.

Applicants are selected competitively through a formal application process. By Swedish regulations, pursuing PhD studies amounts to an employed position that is fully-funded for 4 years, thus it is not possible to join on a voluntary basis or from the basis of private funding.

Director of Studies
Mathew Gregory is the programme's director of studies at Konstfack.


Admission to the KTD programme is currently closed.

To be notified if new positions in the programme opens up, please subscribe to all vacancies at Konstfack on the Vacancies page .

Updated: 7 April 2014