CuratorLab 60 credits

Curatorial course for professionals in Arts, Crafts, Design & Architecture.

“The curatorial training is slowly becoming accepted as a new tradition within the field, even if that acceptance is marked by a grudging fatalism similar to the acceptance of global warming, or the Republican Party. There is no denying that it’s here to stay, let’s try to deal with it.”

Tirdad Zolghadr [Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College]

CuratorLab is a unique one-year international curatorial research course. It doesn’t have a fix curriculum and every year it reinvents itself anew around a leading topic, followed by a set studio visits, seminars, lecture and trips, co-organised together with the participants. We are meeting four times per year for 2 weeks sessions; therefore you do not need to be based in Stockholm. During the academic year you are supposed to realise a project in Stockholm in form of a public presentation, i.e. exhibition, lecture, publication, walk, screening; for which we provide professional feedback as well as a moderate production budget (approx. 15 000 SEK).

You will be able to access all the faculties across Konstfack’s departments, meet visiting curators, critics and practitioners, be welcomed into graduate seminars and classes as well as be introduced to Konstfack’s Nordic and international network in arts, design and craft, and/or depending on your interest.

Next to the individual projects, we work closely as a group with one of the best art venues in Sweden, if not in Europe, namely Tensta Konsthall and its director Maria Lind. We are invited to contribute with the ideas of public program to the series of on-going exhibitions under the title The Eros Effect Art, Solidarity Movements and the Struggle for Social Justice.

CuratorLab is open to everybody interested working with and against the ideas of curating and the curatorial, however solid experience, grounded interest and a sense of commitment are necessary.

Join us to be part of a moment of defining the discipline and making things happen!

Head of CuratorLab: Joanna Warsza

Course Syllabus: KOY001 CuratorLab rev2015.pdf

Language of instruction:

Entry Requirements
Bachelor’s degree of 180 credits, or higher, in fine arts, art history, critical studies, curatorial studies, architecture, crafts and design, and/or equivalent work experience in independent curatorial practices or within institutions for at least three years. And proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6/English B. Read more about the language requirements here.

Selection The selection is based on an overall assessment of the applicant’s previous relevant work experience, motivation, project proposal and portfolio, and possible interviews.

How to apply to CuratorLab

When applying to Konstfack you submit an online application to the Swedish central application website ( for Swedish speaking applicants), and send qualifications to support the entry requirements to ( for Swedish speaking applicants).

You will also need to upload files electronically via Konstfack's website. These files will be used in the selection between eligible applicants.

Files to submit electronically to CV, motivation, references, project proposal and portfolio (the link to upload files will be published here 1 December 2017, 13:00 CET)

Submit five (5) PDF files:

1. One (1) PDF named "Name_Surname_cv.pdf": Curriculum Vitae including working experience, descriptions of internships, and related experience, (2-3 pages)

2. One (1) PDF named "Name_Surname_motivation.pdf ": Written motivation of the applicant's motives for applying to CuratorLab (1-2 pages).

3. One (1) PDF named "Name_Surname_references.pdf": References from two persons practicing or teaching in the field in which the application is made, attesting to the applicant's ability and competence in that field are required.

4. One (1) PDF named "Name_Surname_proposal.pdf ": Outline of the project proposal (1-2 pages), starting with the outline and resume of the concept of the project.

5. One (1) PDF named "Name_Surname_portfolio.pdf": Documentation of relevant working experience; images and textual descriptions of exhibitions and other projects (max 5 pages).

Note that the project proposal functions as a presentation of your ideas and fields of interest, it must not be realized in this exact form during the course.

Technical specifications
You must submit five (5) PDF documents named as instructed.
The PDF documents must not be password protected.
File format: PDF
PDF document format: A4 (portrait or landscape)

Important dates

1 December 2016: Online application ( and portal to upload applicant assignment ( open.

16 January 2017:
Application deadline.

1 February 2017: Qualifications to certify the entry requirements, and payment of application fee or certification of fee exempt status must have reached University Admissions.

Deadline to upload portfolio/files for selection to

February/March 2017: Assessment of applicant assignments + prospective interviews.

31 March 2017: 1st Notification of selection results.

19 April 2017: Last date to reply to offer.

26 April 2017: 2nd Notification of selection results.

28 August 2017: Course start.

Tuition fees and studying in Sweden
Students with citizenship in countries outside of the EU/EEA or Switzerland are in general required to pay tuition fees. Read more about application and tuition fees here.

For information on studying in Sweden please visit

More information

Helena Höök
Protected address
+46 8 450 41 90

Updated: 8 November 2016
Author: Pia Schenkmanis Rämö