Art and Distribution 7,5 credits (Summer course 2020)

Exhibition practice and other ways to distribute

Course leader: Johanna Gustafsson Fürst - in collaboration with Index Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Artists have always integrated presentation and distribution methods as part of their artwork and have constantly found new ways to distribute thoughts, ideas and works. How do we think about art and distribution today? How do the terms of distribution define production? Can we expand the duration of a work of art by redefining the idea of ​​when it is ready to be presented?

Dadaism and Fluxus viewed printed material as a system which could be used to get in direct contact with the audience. Different networks of active participants were defined by the mail art movement and conceptual art offered opportunities to redefine the idea of ​​artistic production in relation to its presentation. Video, sound and images have created new ways of production and new platforms for distribution, while practice and technology have been evolving. Digital interactions, situation-based art and performative practices, demand that we rephrase the ways in which art is presented and presented to an audience.

How do we reflect around artistic practices and distribution today? How can we adapt the global art world to the climate crisis? Can we imagine methods derived from theater and dance to be transferred and used in installations and sculptural interventions - for example - can sculptures be distributed as a score or a script?

The course Art and Distribution: Exhibition practitioners and other ways to distribute provides a theoretical framework and a practical platform that takes place at Konstfack and Index Foundation in Stockholm. The course is workshop-based with discussions, lectures and individual practice. The exhibition room at Index will function as a public workplace during the course, where the participants are integrated into the Index summer program.

Intended learning outcomes
After the course the students should be able to:
-Reflect and discuss relevant discourses related to distribution, mediation and presentation of art today.
-Analyze exhibitional strategies and working methodologies related to artistic production in terms of distribution.
-Reflect on their own and others' artistic works and processes in relationship to the matter of the course.
-Create an understanding of how one's own practice can be expanded through various forms of distribution methods.

Entry requirements
60 credits in Art.

Additionally you need to meet the general requirements fo higher studies in Sweden (exemption from proficiency in Swedish since the course is taught in English). Proficiency in English equivalent to Swedish upper secondary school course English 6, is required.

The selection between eligible applicants is based on applicants' letter of motivation and portfolio.

Course period: 8 June - 16 August 2020
Study pace:
50% of full time studies
Course syllabus: KONS01, 7,5 hp.pdf
Course syllabus in Swedish:
KONS01, 7,5 hp.pdf

Language: The course is taught in English

Maximum amount of participants: 15


How to apply!

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- upload/submit qualifications to support the entry requirements
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Important dates 2020

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16 March:
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Tuition fees and studying in Sweden
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More information

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Helena Höök
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Course leader: Johanna Gustafsson Fürst - in collaboration with Index Foundation for Contemporary Art.

Department: Department of Fine Art

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