Union Fee

The annual fee is 300 SEK and can be paid to Bankgiro account 5206-5232. Provide your name name, personal identification number or date of birth, your postal address and your e-mail adress.

The easiest way to pay is to use your internet bank. If you don't have access to an internet bank have two options. Either pay directly at the bank. Please remember to state your name, personal identification number/date of birth, postal address and e-mail adress.

You can also pay with cash at the Student Union's office:
Mondays at 12.00 am - 1.30 pm and Thursdays at 4.00-5.00 pm.
The studentcard (Studentkortet) will be sent to your e-mail adress. If you want a plastic card, you'll need to order that specifically after receiving the digital card. It will then come to your address. You can use Konstfack's address, and pick the card up from the reception or the Union office.

To pay the fee to the Students' Union from an international bank, please pay to the following international bank account:
IBAN: SE96 6000 0000 0004 1170 3188 SWIFT: HANDSESS

If there are any problems, contact our finance assistant, Harriet Tofer, Protected address.

Best regards,
The Student Union

Updated: 1 December 2010
Author: Studentkåren