New student - start of the term

Hello new student at Konstfack!

Watch the film where Vice-Chancellor Maria Lantz welcomes you, and read important information about registration and schedule below.


Welcome to Konstfack!
Here is information about the start of semester in the autumn of 2020 and a schedule for when you start your studies.

Due to the current situation, it is important that we all help to keep up with the times and follow the instructions!

Mandatory registration

In order to reduce the number of people at the school at the same time, registration takes place in smaller groups, during the first two days of the semester.
See below when your education starts.
Registration and information from the program will take a total of two hours.
Please, be there at least 10 minutes before your registration begins!

You can read more about registration here:

Schedule for semester start – meet up outside Konstfack's main entrance

Monday 31 August

09:00 am
Bachelor's program in Interior Architect and Furniture Design.
The Master's program in Design - Spatial design

10:00 am
Ämneslärarprogrammet (bild och slöjd) med inriktning mot grundskolans åk 7-9

11:00 am
Bachelor's program Industrial Design.
The Master's program in Design - Individual study plan in design

13:00 pm
Ämneslärarprogrammet (bild och media, eller bild och design) med inriktning mot gymnasieskolan

14:00 pm
Bachelor's program in Fine art
The Master's program in Fine art

Tuesday 1 September

9:00 am
Bachelor's program Ceramics and glass
Bachelor's Program in Textiles
Bachelor's Program in Ädellab.

10:00 am
Bachelor's Program in Graphic Design & Illustration
The Master's program in Visual Communication

11:00 am
The Master's program CRAFT!
- Textile
- Ceramics and glass
- Ädellab


Make sure you arrive at Konstfack at least 10 minutes before your registration begins, you will have to wait outside the main entrance.
Keep distance!
Don't forget to bring your ID!

We will have staff on site outside who will welcome you and distribute materials to you. When it's time for registration you will be let in through the main entrance.

  1. Read through the material you receive on site and sign the forms to approve our IT and workshop policies.
  2. Bring the signed forms and go to the designated table for registration. There we receive the signed forms, look at your ID/passport and you get to sign the registration. You will be given an envelope with your computer account and your "tag" which gives you access to Konstfack.
  3. you will get your photo taken in Vita havet.

One of the computer rooms will be open if you want help activating your computer account.

The Student Union will be on site for information and membership registration.

After 45 minutes, the programme managers/professors will come to gather the class and tell more about the education.

Updated: 16 June 2020