Sergio Montero Bravo

Senior Lecturer

Sergio Montero Bravo
08-450 4235
Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication / Interior Architecture and Furniture Design
Sergio Montero Bravo, Interior Architect and Furniture Designer MFA, Senior Lecturer and responsible for the graduate education. Today, his practice evolves through pedagogy, art, design and architecture with an interest in how the profession and education can handle current issues that affect how the planet is affected by the interiors, spaces and environments we inhabit in every day life. The focus of his teaching and work often circles around how different perspectives can be included in the art of making and develop ideas that address a current issue.  Examples of courses where Sergio has used their training methods in active practice with the students include the planning and construction of a training center for Ebola at Karolinska Hospital in Stockholm. Another example is a course held in southern Italy where he, with the cooperative Casa Delle Agriculture, explores architecture and design, from and for the rural. With the students, they built on-site architecture for animals using natural degradable materials. In one of his latest courses, Master students collaborate through Vandalorum in Värnamo with different industries from the Gnosjö region, where their waste material becomes new materiality when students explore circular economics.