Bo Westerlund

Department of Design, Interior Architecture and Visual Communication / Industrial Design

Bo Westerlund, MFA, PhD.

He primarily supervises a PhD candidate.

Westerlund’s own research has focus on the design processes, methods and approaches that designers can work with in order to create proposals for products, services and systems that will be regarded as meaningful by future users and other stakeholders. Its primary direction is to explore participatory design approaches, where designers and other participants create knowledge together about and present proposals for meaningful future use. He is currently engaged in the research project Space and place in end-of-life care and recently in Design, beyond service and product.

He is educated at Konstfack, and after his MFA 1985 he started the design consultancy Industridesignbyrån with a colleague. After fifteen years of consulting, he started to do research through design, and defended his doctoral thesis Design Space Exploration, co-operative creation of proposals for desired interactions with future artefacts 2009. He has previously been employed as professor at other universities.

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Design beyond service and product - Educating for new vistas of design education - Final report

Konstfack has had financing from KK-stiftelsen (The Knowledge Foundation) for two years to address emerging design challenges in the increasingly complex contexts that design is engaging with. Examples are healthca...

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Katarina Wetter-Edman
ISBN: 978-91-85549-37-5

Dealing with wicked problems, in messy contexts, through prototyping

This paper explores how designers’ core competencies relate to the emerging paradigmatic shift in design practice, and provides suggestions for design education. The shift is due to the increased interest from desi...

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Katarina Wetter-Edman

The use of the absent and othering in design and critical analysis of PD activities

In this paper I explore the use of the concept representation and argue that it can complement the concept constituting in order to support the design and critical analysis of participatory design...

Författare: Bo Westerlund
ISBN: 978-1-4503-4136-3

Design as a Democratic Process - and Implications for Innovation 

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Yngve Sundblad
ISBN: 9781138961227

Co-Design workshoppar med Upplands Väsby och Varberg - Deltagande och materiella förhandlingar i planprocesser

I dokumentet presenteras det arbete som gjorts med en co-designansats inom forskningsprojektet Decode - Community Design for Conflicting Desires, 2014-2016. 

Genom att arbeta genom en co-designansats undersök...

Författare: Maja Frögård , Bo Westerlund

The struggles of co-creation - the highs and lows of involving stakeholders into the service design process

This paper presents our experiences from a research project on how to co-develop new methods for idea generation within a service design practice. As an example the paper describes how service designers used two vi...

Författare: Fredrik Sandberg , Bo Westerlund , Erik Widmark , Sophie Andersson
ISBN: 978-3-642-40542-6

Workshop: Experimenting with design experiments

This (proposal for a) full day workshop intends to explore design experiments to create a deeper understanding of the underpinning mindsets, epistemological assumptions and their implications as well as possibiliti...

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Anna Rylander

Workshop: exploring participatory prototyping of services

This full day workshop intends to explore approaches, methods and techniques that can be used in participatory prototyping of services. The participants will contribute with their experiences of different ways of w...

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Johan Blomkvist , Stefan Holmlid , Fredrik Sandberg

Experiencing, Exploring and Experimenting in and with Co- Design Spaces

The concept of design space has been useful to designers in supporting the act of designing and for reflecting on the activity of designing. With the increase in cooperative design practices, it is time to...

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Elizabeth B.-N. Sanders

Regarding Design as a Constituting Practice Matters

This paper explores how the two concepts of representing and constituting are used in relation to design practice. The terms representing and representation are often used to describe the relation...

Författare: Bo Westerlund

Co-designing Communication Technology with and for Families - Methods, Experience, Results and Impact

Författare: Sinna Lindquist , Bo Westerlund , Yngve Sundblad , Helena Tobiasson , Michel Beaudouin-Lafon , Wendy Mackay
ISBN: 9783540727255

Phoning a deaf person

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Sinna Lindquist
ISBN: 9781846289606

How can stories get translated into future artefacts?

This paper discusses a workshop method suitable for use in projects with a participatory design approach. Participatory design is sometimes criticised for focussing too much on what users say. The method described ...

Författare: Bo Westerlund

Reality based video-prototyping

This video describes a cooperative design workshop on future mobile video communication for deaf people using sign language. One issue was to explore how an idea for a mobile interpretation-on-the-fly service could...

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Sinna Lindquist

Design space conceptual tool - Grasping the design process

This article concerns an alternative and relatively simple model of the design process that can be used as a conceptual tool for designing a design process. Three different examples are used to test and show the mo...

Författare: Bo Westerlund

Artefacts for understanding

This paper discusses two aspects of artefacts in the design process. The fi rst is how artefacts can be used to inform researchers about people’s context, desires, concerns, needs and constraints. The second is how...

Författare: Sinna Lindquist , Bo Westerlund

Co-designing with and for families

Författare: Bo Westerlund , Sinna Lindquist , Yngve Sundblad

Form is Function

Författare: Bo Westerlund
ISBN: 1-58113-515-7

Updated: 4 April 2013