Vision and mission — the thought and the hand

What are we striving for and what is our raison d'être? What do we put at the centre, which students do we hope to attract and what values permeate our business?

By 2030, Konstfack will be a leading player in the global field of the visual arts. The university has a history of exploration, risk-taking and responsibility – something we will continue to emphasise. Through practice-based education, research and professional development, we place the freedom of thought and creativity at the heart of our organisation. This establishes cross-disciplinary approaches that guide individuals, institutions and societies towards democratic and ecological goals.

Konstfack brings together explorers and practitioners within the entire visual arts field. Through critical and open discussions, we educate entrepreneurs, reformists, innovators, visionaries, activists and other seekers to develop art, design and pedagogy in an international education and research environment.

Through our deep roots in the field – both inside and outside of the academy – we are able to develop artistic and pedagogical expressions and methods. Konstfack emphasises interaction between the mind and hand, imagination and personal responsibility. The university is characterised by respect for equality and a universal commitment to ecological and social sustainability.

We strive to scrutinise ourselves, the world and its values; to promote intuition and empathy; to challenge what we take for granted; and contribute to our collective future through the visual arts of the highest standard.