Commitment and core issues

Here we have listed some key points in what is discussed and worked with at Konstfack in parallel with teaching and subject development. It is about concepts and issues that are closely linked to our environment and shape our creation in education and research.

We begin with vision and mission which is our long-term aspiration and our identity in everyday life and the reason why we exist. Two writings that form the basis for how we both build our education and research and how we handle the outside world and its most burning issues.

Vision and mission — the thought and the hand
What are we striving for and what is our raison d'être? What do we put at the centre, which students do we hope to attract and what values permeate our business? Click here for answers.

Corona in everyday life – the new normal?
Our focus since the outbreak of the pandemic is the safety of students and staff and to distribute clear, continuous information about what applies at the school. Through skilful scheduling by the teachers, everyone's caution and admirable ability to handle transition, we have avoided closing completely and have instead been able to offer workshop-based teaching in combination with distance learning. We have had a few cases of illness both among students and teachers, but no spread of infection at the school.

Equal terms in practice
Konstfack's work for equal terms is ongoing and has intensified in recent years. Among other things Plan for equal terms 2020-2023has been formulated with the purpose of identifying and preventing problems before they arise, ensuring that all everyone is given equal rights and opportunities as well as to prevent discrimination and harassment. Important words to translate into action and make the equal terms work bear concrete fruit. Here are examples.

At Konstfack there is zero tolerance for racism and all other forms of discrimination. A given in the challenge of working actively and continuously to keep our promises and ensure that our campus is a brave, safe, welcoming and actively anti-racist place for all. Despite that, we sometimes notice of outdated behaviours/structures that need to be combated; through lectures, internal projects and campaigns, we increase the awareness of both students and staff. Read more about this important work.

Broadened recruitment is in progress
The work towards ensuring that students and staff at Konstfack better reflect the composition of society is an ongoing process. This permeates our activities partly through various collaborative projects in the programmes, where existing students and teachers meet potential ones. There is in part a working group for broadened recruitment, which carries out different activities with the aim of creating change. Here, students, teachers and administrative staff are committed to jointly achieving the vision we share – a more multifaceted Konstfack.

Norm criticism and norm creativity – a matter of course!
Constant questioning of norms is important both in teaching and in daily life. In this way, we contribute to a positive change in both stale/outdated structures and preconceptions. Norm creativity can also serve as a tool for extending different practices beyond presupposed or preconceived ideas about how we reach out to more people. In the teaching, new approaches to the development can be tested in order to strengthen the subject as a socially and artistically sustainable practice. Sometimes we are forced to fight for the right to the norm-critical stance, as was the case when one of our recruitment cases became a national affair.

Sustainable development in many ways – environmentally, socially and economically
In the teaching, different aspects of the title's subjects are continuously included and these issues are also managed actively on a central basis. Everything from circular production methods to recycling development and a reduced consumption of, for example, chemical products is ongoing. The latest news is a collaboration with the Biogas Academy, our own biogas plant at the school and a project that involves building a beekeeping on the roof. The work on sustainable development at Konstfack also includes social and economic perspectives.

Debate, yes please!
Our Vice-chancellor Maria Lantz as well as other employees at Konstfack are every now and then called upon to defend everything from artistic research and the obvious place of crafts in primary school to #Meeto and academic freedom. Some contributions to the debate are served!

Education and research on an artistic basis - what does it entail?
Artistic creation constitutes a fundamental basis in our society. It stimulates everything from the business sector and democratic discourse to developing cultural life and research topics in general. In a writing, Konstex, the national network of higher education institutions with the right to award a degree on an artistic basis, has developed what artistic basis actually is and why it is important.