Student information and FAQ

5 January 2022

Important information, FAQs and links for you who are a student at Konsfack.

Minimize the spread of infection

In case of suspicion of infection spreading at Konstfack
In order to be able to trace infections at Konstfack, reporting of illness with covid-19 must take place as follows.

Students who have received a positive test result notify the course responsible teacher, who then notifies the head of department. If several people have fallen ill within the same program or department, the head of department reports to the property manager.

Staff announces positive test results to the nearest manager. If several have fallen ill at the same unit or department, the responsible manager reports to the property manager.

The property manager leads the work of tracing the disease and any measures to try to minimize the spread of infection at Konstfack.


If covid-19 is detected at Konstfack, the following applies:

Unvaccinated persons who have been close to the infected for at least 15 minutes, 1–2 days before the onset of symptoms, should be at home for 5 days from the potential time of infection. Alternatively, the unvaccinated can test themselves and, in the event of a negative test result, be present on campus again.

People who have been vaccinated and met the infected person can come to Konstfack as usual but must be observant of symptoms.

More information for you who have been in contact, or live, with someone diagnosed with covid-19:


Should I get tested if I show symptoms?
All about tests can be found the Public Health Agency website.


Face mask: if, when and how?
Konstfack follows the Public Health Agency's guidelines. This means that we do not give any general recommendation for the use of face masks.
We have noticed that situations can arise where the use of face masks can contribute to reduced spread of infection.
Example of a situation can be during teaching, when students and teachers need to stand closer to each other than 2 meters.
When using face mask, it is important that they are handled correctly not to create the opposite effect.

Routines for use of face mask:
• Handled as a disposable item and must not be reused.
• Nose and mouth should be completely covered.
• Do not touch the cover while using it. When the cover becomes damp from exhaled air, it must be replaced.
• When putting on and taking off the mask, use hand sanitizer before and after (preferably only touch the strap).
• Dispose of the face mask in a bin before leaving the room in question.

Staff can pick up face masks at the reception.


Study remotely and on campus

How do I do if I need IT support?
All questions and booking of IT support are referred to or telephone 08-450 43 99 (extension 4399).
As of Monday, March 15, no visiting times are offered (so-called Drop-In). All contact is by telephone or mail.
This is to reduce the risk of employees at IT becoming infected and thus ensuring that we have a working IT support at Konstfack.


How should I think about internet and security when I study from home?
Read more about internet and security here: Internet och säkerhet i corona-tider (in Swedish).
For safety when using Zoom, read more here: Security with Zoom.

I have no computer at home, can I use the computers at Konstfack?
Yes, students without their own computer have the following options:
• Work at a vacant computer in a computer lab
• Work at a computer in the media block
• Work at a vacant computer in the library (the library is open Mon – Thu 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. and Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m)
Note that there are no computers to bring home.

How will I get access to the program licenses I need?
The IT unit investigates the possibilities and information will be updated on an ongoing basis.
Find out if what you need is available under the offers Konstfack's students have about reduced price or free software: Software for students (intranet)


Where can I find information about my financial aid from CSN?
The government answered that previously granted financial aid will not be taken away even though courses are paused due to the coronavirus. CSN is going to continue to pay your financial aid. You do not need to contact CSN or do anything else. You can read more on CSN's website


Can I get extra help or support from Student Health Services during this current situation?
If you are worried, you can contact Student Health Services through our partnership with Stockholm University.
However, they do not provide tests or other medical advice in connection to COVID-19/coronavirus.