Martin Avila’s postdoctoral project "Symbiotic tactics" is completed

27 april 2017

The research was mainly structured through three projects in Argentina. Each of these being developed to enact responses that dealt with everyday socio-ecological issues at specific scales, ranging from the intimate interactions with medicinal plants to detached relations with agricultural industry.

Detail of "cycle initiator" with entangled passionflower. Female Xylocopa peeking from its nest.

The projects were design-driven and developed through a speculative and ideational practice that aimed at making explicit alternative versions of the present/near future. The project developed biocentric proposals, and was thus particularly critical of systems that support anthropocentric praxes only, since they become ethically exclusive from a biological perspective. The working titles for the three projects in Argentina were: Doomestics, Dispersal Machines, and Spices/Species.

From each of these projects, a book chapter and/or essay is on the process of being published or drafted. On “doomestics” a book chapter co-authored with Henrik Ernstson entitled “Realms of exposure” will be part of Ernstson, H. and Sörlin, S. (Eds.) - (forthcoming 2017) Grounding Urban Natures: Histories and Futures of Urban Ecologies. On “Spices/Species” a paper entitled “Ecologizing, decolonizing. An artefactual perspective” is under review for the Design + Power, Nordes event in Oslo, 2017.

A monograph entitled Symbiotic Tactics that gathers all projects and develops the conceptual frame(s) of the project(s) has been submitted for publishing and is currently under review. So far, the work has been presented in different contexts and formats in Sweden, Argentina, the United States, South Africa, Estonia and Germany.

The project was financed from 2013 to 2016 by the Swedish Research Council, and involved three different institutions internationally: Konstfack in Stockholm (Sweden), the Multidisciplinary Institute of Vegetal Biology in Cordoba (Argentina), and the African Centre for Cities in Cape Town (South Africa).

Martin Avila:

Nordes 2017:

Grating for scorpions (while showering).

Cards with parasitized eggs for dissemination.

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