Experience Design, 120 credits

No admission to this course for the academic year 2014/15.

Konstfack will have four new Master's Programmes starting in autumn 2014. The programmes lead to a Master's Degree (120 credits).

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Design Time – Create Experience

A growing global trend is represented in the fact that today 86 percent of production within the United States is of so-called "intangibles."

So what are intangibles? Intangibles are generally defined as assets that cannot be seen, touched or physically measured, and are created through time. This touchstone definition is a useful way to begin to think about what we do at the Experience Design Group which is to design experiences which are intangibles.

Experience Design is a response to the urgent question: How might design continue to be relevant within what many are calling the I-Cubed (Information, Innovation, Intangible) Economy?

A ride on a roller coaster at Disneyland and healthcare are intangibles that take place over time, and are valuable. Experience designers have applied their methodologies, from design thinking, experience prototyping, to future forecasting to make the roller coaster exciting, and to improve patient recovery time.

Experience Design, does not end at the limits of art and design, but overflows those borders to include human capital, leadership, research and development, goodwill, innovation, social media, collaboration, organizational ability, intellectual property, systems design, interdisciplinarity, effectiveness, soft power, productivity and new knowledge which have become the real determinants of performance and value in the I-Cubed Economy. And Experience Designers are its change agents.

Specific requirements
A Bachelor's degree or equivalent proficiency. Documented proficiency in English. Read more about requirements and selection here.

Selection is made on artistic grounds and is based on a portfolio of past work, a thesis proposal and interview. Read more about requirements and selection here.

Language of instruction
All teaching is conducted in English.

Experience Design leads to a Master of Fine Arts

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