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Updated: November 13, 2012
Author: Mabel Selin

Support Konstfack!

Become one of our partners and build the university college of the future!

Konstfack has a long tradition of collaboration with various organisations and businesses to create new opportunities for our students and scholars. As one of the leading university colleges of arts, crafts, design and viasual art teacher education, we offer a unique environment with young designers, artists, crafts practitioners, and teacher education instructors.

85 percent of our revenue today is financed by direct government funding. We receive the remainder through sponsorship for exhibitions and seminars, partnerships with businesses, externally financed research, and donations. Any support, large or small, is important for the Konstfack of the future. 

A few of our organisations/ research sponsors:
Banverket (The Swedish Transport Administration)
The City of Stockholm
The European Union
The Knowledge Foundation
Riksdagens Jubileumsfond
The Stockholm County Council
The Swedish Energy Agency
The Swedish Research Council
The Swedish Transport Administration

Alcro-Beckers AB
Brio AB
Kosta Boda/Orrefors
NCS Colour AB
Philips AB
Saint Gobain-Emmaboda Glas
Tyréns AB

Support for Konstfack means support for the arts, crafts, design and instruction in our subjects at junior high and high schools.  Support for Konstfack also means being part of an environment that:

  • Reaches out to central decision-makers in our field
  • Almost everyone in Sweden has heard of
  • Receives large numbers of visitors to exhibitions, seminars, and our website
  • Provides the opportunity to get involved together with students and alumni through projects
  • Provides the opportunity to be a part of the designers, artists, craftsmen, and art instructors of the future


Partnership with businesses

Forming connections and conducting courses and workshops where students and teachers build new knowledge together with other consumers is included as part of the education at Konstfack. Our professors and teachers are working staff and see collaborating with external partners in education and research as a natural part of the job. As such, our environment offers unique opportunities for collaboration.

More information
For more information, please contact: Mabel Selin, tel + 46 (0) 8-450 41 14, or e-mail Protected address


Gifts and donations

Would you like to make a donation or give a gift to Konstfack? Your contribution is very valuable to us, regardless of size. There are many different ways to contribute. Here we’ll describe a few possible ways to do so. You can donate stock dividends, donate a money gift, plan your gift through your will, found a trust fund or foundation, or contribute in the form of fixed assets.

You’re welcome to contact us for information on various alternatives. 

A donation can be anything from establishing a professorship to giving a contribution towards a building or a new research centre.

More information
For more information, please contact: Mabel Selin, tel + 46 (0) 8-450 41 14, or e-mail Protected address


Investing in global talent

Konstfack starts its work by creating an externally financed scholarship fund that will contribute towards Konstfack developing into a global education institution with applicants from around the world.  We are appealing to you, if you want to take part and contribute to making Konstfack a centre of learning that competes for the best talent in the world.

In 2010, the government decided to introduce tuition and application fees at all Swedish university colleges and universities for foreign students from outside the EU, EEA-countries and Switzerland, beginning in fall 2011. Pricing of the fees will be calculated according to the “full cost coverage” accounting model. Konstfack fees for students outside the EU/EEA are 265,000 SEK (28,550 EUR) per academic year.

Since 2007, Konstfack has had an international master’s program that is addressed to students both inside and outside Sweden. It is a two-year program and comprises approximately 180 students. The students come from all parts of the world and represent some 25 different nationalities. Out of those who started their education in fall 2010, approximately 1/3 were foreign students. Out of the foreign students, we estimate 25 % coming from outside the EU/EEA. For the most part, instruction is provided in English.

One of the reasons we created a program with both Swedish and foreign students is that we see an advantage in a learning environment where various nationalities meet. This has shown itself to be the case. The international mix, among both students and teachers/professors, provides a dynamic environment where national and international views, areas of contact, and experiences all together lead to higher quality. In our fields, the international aspect constitutes an important element in providing our students with the best opportunities in exercising their future professions. We make no distinction between Swedish and foreign students in our admissions. They compete under the same conditions, apart from how their studies are financed.

The ability to pay of the students concerned is certainly quite different. The opportunities to apply for scholarships in Sweden occur as part of the mission of the Swedish Institute. In the present situation, it is not clear how much will be available to students to apply for in our fields. What we do know is that it will not meet the needs we have in order to be able to offer the opportunity to those students we would like to be able to admit to our courses.

We are appealing to organisations and businesses that would like to join in contributing to such a fund.

Your contributions to the Konstfack global scholarship fund will be most welcome!

More information
For more information, please contact: Mabel Selin, tel + 46 (0) 8-450 41 14, or e-mail Protected address

Become one of our partners and build the university college of the future!

Konstfack Design Talks
Konstfack’s website Design Talks aims to explain the term Design Thinking, and convey the benefits of using Design Thinking in unfamiliar contexts.

In our definition, Design Thinking means the type of problem solving methods designers use. We want to inspire people in in various fields to engage with designers for the first time!

Updated: October 26, 2010
Author: Mabel Selin